Recently, my years have been framed by patronage to a saint. It’s focusing, kind of like a resolution which carries with it the promise of unique intercession.

I’ve never really been crystal clear on how the connection to the particular patron happens. But hindsight supports the notion that God is good, and sends us he or she whom we need- if we just open our hearts and minds to the possibility and make room for the saint.¬†For me this as included St. Helena (2016), St. Francis of Assisi (2017), St. Francis de Sales(2018), St. Teresa of Avila (2018), and St. Ann (2019).

And now, St. Dominic is on deck- literally posted up on my desk at work- already reminding me of that which I clearly need to be reminded.

But every other year, the patronage has come on more slowly, like a hip guest late to a cool party. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. With over 10,000 saints, the possibilities really are endless.