Tom and I were mid-way through the first day of the year before we figured out that social media was awash with the whole “roaring 20’s” theme. Nobody themed the 10’s. But every decade contains its own watersheds. Ours happened early.

I was looking out the window of the bathroom in late October (2011), watching as our favorite neighbors, Kim and Rich,  walked across their yard to ours.  I can’t remember if they were carrying food, though they probably were. Everyone was carrying food when they came to visit us that season

When I let them in, the look on Kim’s face said even with my all my teeth, I could do Halloween without a costume. I wondered if we should consider going out later. Except then I remembered neither of us could drive. And also, I was really, really tired. Our friends didn’t stay long.

Years later, Kim shared that on the walk back across the yard, she had muttered ….  “This easily could have turned out differently. Those kids might be orphans.”

That same day, Lindsey arrived to stay. Rattled and living on the fumes of fear dissipating, she channeled her energy by going through cabinets, tossing away our expired ketchup and soup with a vengeance.

Later that night, when there was nothing left to clean, she had to go drag  her sister out of a house-party

Lindsey:  “Our. Parents. Almost. died.”
Kit: “Well they didn’t. And I just want to dance with all of the people.”
Lindsey: “I don’t care who you want to dance with, get off the table and get in the car. Now.”

We’ve all been forced at some point, get off the table and to face down losses that almost were, but weren’t.

It’s rattling- maybe a little like breaking the sound barrier? (Evidently there is a lot of rattling and shaking, just before the correct speed is reached and everything feels ok again.) Some people hid from the chaos and emotions- and others throw out all the expired goods and get on with things.

Big decisions, unforeseen events, sadness, joy- all of this will come to each of us in this new decade. That’s a little scary- but it’s also exhilarating.

The key is to power through the rattling and  keep those people close who will help us throw out what is expired and pull us off the table when it is time to get on with things.

Roar or rattle, we’re ready to DO THIS.

Here’s to the decade – and the dancing – to come. All the people are waiting.

Love and Joy- xoxox, LN